Go Wild - Beginner Climb (3hrs)

If you can climb a ladder, you can Go Wild

Go Wild will take you into the heart of the waterfall exposing hidden pools and crossing three suspension bridges before crossing our final 35m bridge and traversing back to the base along a picturesque trail. Descent is approximately 20mins by trail.

Wild Thing - Intermediate Climb (5hrs)

Inside all of us is a Wild Thing, find yours

Having completed the Go Wild section, we’ll climb higher, traversing vertically beside the waterfall. We’ll cross two more suspension bridges including a three-wire bridge before finishing at the base of a spectacular 60m waterfall. Descent is approximately 45mins by trail.

Lord of the Rungs (7hrs)

You are Lord of the Rungs!

Designed for experienced adventurers, Lord of the Rungs is our most advanced climb taking you all the way to the top of the Twin Falls Waterfall. Includes some overhangs. Descent is by helicopter.

Custom Climbs

If you want this fabulous waterfall all to yourself, book a trip just for you!