Challenge your crew with the world’s fastest targeted laser guns and shoot your way to survival against zombies, aliens and robot cowboys.

From $20.00 per person

Motion Madness

Take the ride of a lifetime using high speed dynamic rollercoasters and jetpacks to explore wild canyons and stunning virtual worlds.

From $20 Per Person

Double-Barrel: 1 Journey + 1 Shootout

Double Barrel includes 1 ride on Motion Madness Roller Coaster and 1Shootout
Be warned, this won’t be enough!

$30 Per Person

High Calibre :1 Journey + 2 Shootouts

High Calibre - 1 ride on Motion Madness rollercoaster and 2 Shootouts

$40 Per Person

Gone Ballistic: 1 Journey + 3 Shootouts

Gone Ballistic - 1 ride on the Motion Madness rollercoaster and 3 Shootouts
$50.00 per person