Day Entry

In our specially-designed viewing room there are 10 nesting boxes that you can look down into and see the penguins inside. Our penguins are wild of course and sometimes might all be at sea during the day, so outside of the breeding season we cannot always guarantee birds will be home. When the penguins are breeding, particularly from August until February, there are always penguins home incubating eggs, raising chicks or moulting. ‚Äč

You also have the opportunity to enjoy our new day experience with lots of interaction, education and information on our research and monitoring programmes. Find out what goes on behind the scenes at the Colony, learn more about our penguins, play and discover in our brand new children’s area, before heading outdoors to explore the penguins’ nesting environment.

The daytime viewing activity is self-guided, however we do have a guide on hand to answer your questions. Entry into the day viewing area begins at 10am, continues throughout the day, and ends approximately 60 minutes before dusk.

Photography and filming without flash is allowed in the colony but not in the viewing room.

Evening Viewing General Entry

The penguins return home from their day's fishing, make their way onto the beach, up a stony ramp, and cross into the Colony. You will be informed about the lives of the penguins during a commentary delivered by one of our guides. From the General Entry grandstand you will see the penguins from about 15-20 metres away.

Evening Viewing Premium Entry

You have individual seating which makes the experience more comfortable. You will be informed about the lives of the penguins during a commentary delivered by one of our guides. When you make your way out to the grandstand you will enter into the breeding colony on a boardwalk and walk among their nesting burrows.

In the Premium Viewing grandstand you view the penguins from only a few metres away. Participants in this tour need to remain still and quiet because the penguins are so close and are frightened by sudden movement.

General Combo

General Combo includes entry during the day as well as general entry to evening viewing.

Premium Combo

Our Premium Combo combines entry during the day as well as entry into our Premium Viewing stand where you are only meters from where the penguins arrive.