Whale Watching and Scenic South - Departing from Koggala Airport

Whale watching in Sri Lanka is an amazing activity to partake in, and is even more breathtaking when done through an aircraft as it does not disturb the whale’s natural habitat. With 45 minute, 3-seater flights operating 7 days a week from the Koggala airport, all whale watching enthusiasts have to do is, pick a flight time and be on their way to observing some of the most gentle giants of the sea. Observing the majestic nature of the largest mammal in the world, the Blue Whale, from an aerial point of view leaves passengers with an incomparable experience and understanding of the true magnitude of the beauty and grace of the species.


45 minutes approximately

Scenic Sigiriya - Departing from Sigiriya Airport

Fly over Sigiriya, one of the wonders of the world. Witness the lion fortress carved completely out of solid rock. Sigiriya is an engineering marvel, one of which has baffled modern architect and is a must do on your bucket list.

Witness the Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage from a different perspective.


30 minutes approximately

Scenic Hills - Departing from Ratmalana Airport

Taking off from Ratmalana, enjoy the greenery-clad, scenic views of the central hills of Sri Lanka. Fly over picture-perfect panorama that spreads endlessly beneath you, comprising of mountains, plains, valleys, waterfalls and tea plantations. The scenic hill tour will treat you to unparalleled views of the Labugama Kalatuwawa, Reservoir, Sitawaka river and the Norton bridge (elevation of 3 500 feet).Thereafter you will be flown over valleys passing the Castlereigh Reservoir (elevation of 4800 feet) and the Maskeliya tea gardens and factories. Top it off with views atop the Maskeliya Reservoir followed by the world famous Adam’s peak, where Adam; the first man according to Abrahamic faith is said to have set foot as he was banished to earth. Buddhists believe that the sacred foot print is Lord Buddha’s and Hindus believe it is the footprint of Lord Shiva. The flight will then return to Ratmalana via Bopath Ella Falls.


90 minutes approximately