Dolphin Swim Tour

Refund Policy: (applies to direct bookings on full price tickets only)
Dolphin Swim – No Swim achieved
Adult: $50 refund
Child: $40 refun
Dolphin Swim – No Swim or View achieved
Adult: $70 refund
Child: $50 refund
Equipment Rental
The cost of your equipment rental is included in your tour and is valued at $16. Replacement costs are listed below:
Wetsuits: $150 Mask: $35 Snorkel: $20 Booties: $50 Hoods: $45

Success Rate
Our success rate is calculated using actual figures gathered over the duration of the previous season. For viewing dolphins our success rate is currently 95%. For swimming with dolphins it is 80%.

Minimum Swimming Experience
Even though we operate in the calm sheltered waters of the Queen Charlotte Sound, it is preferable that you have some degree of swimming experience or are comfortable in the water. We have extremely warm buoyant full length wet suits and extra flotation devices to ensure your comfort and safety.

Medical Conditions
You must be fit and healthy, mentally and physically. Dolphin swimming is considered a strenuous activity and any medical condition which impairs your physical or mental ability must be brought to our attention. Swimming involves the contact with cold water which can affect conditions that are triggered by heightened stress. It is your personal responsibility to be honest when you will fill in our Pre-Swim questionnaire at check in time. This reduces your risk of harm occurring.
You are obligated to notify us then of any medical condition affecting your general health or mental ability before the activity. Email us before hand to discuss if unsure of medical conditions not considered eligible.
Those considered not medically able to be safely involved in a strenuous activity will be deemed ineligible for this activity. This is a legal requirement under New Zealand Maritime law.
Swimming with dolphins is an incredible experience and in New Zealand our company is the safest operation with our sheltered calm waters, specialized swim ladders and methods. Our intention is for you to have the best possible interaction with the dolphins so come prepared.
You will then have one the most memorable experiences of your life, the dolphins are looking forward to meeting you.