Combo: Big Shot

Are you a big shot? Test your accuracy with shotgun, rifle, bow & golf club in the ultimate shooting combo


12 yrs and older

Combo: Small Shot

Have fun seeing who’s best for less! The ‘Small Shot’ allows 4 tests of accuracy.
- 15 minutes of archery
- 25 rifle shots at static targets in our small bore rifle range
- 50 golf balls and clubs to hit them with on our golf driving range or Mini Putt


12 yrs and older

Claybird Shoot

Can you hit a moving target? There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a claybird explode in the sky after you pull your trigger. Try this iconic shooting challenge in our unique purpose-built indoor booths!

You’ve seen it at the Olympics. Now it’s your turn to try shooting a clay bird / pigeon target out of the sky. Pull one of our Winchester shotguns up to your should and take aim…


Age restriction 15yrs and up



Rifle Range

Can you hit the target? Try the classic shooting experience: small bore ’22’ rifles and a static target… Completely safe & sensational fun. Find your group’s sharpshooter. It might not be who you expect!

You might be surprised how much fun you have trying this classic target shooting challenge on our rifle range. Line your sights up on the target, take a deep breath and squeeze the trigger…


12 yrs and older


Who can hit the bullseye? A bow, endless arrows, a target, you and your friends. Discover the amazing fun to be had with – this most ancient of accuracy challenges – archery.

People have been shooting arrows at targets for a very long time. It’s great fun and something everyone should have a go at, at least once. Now’s your chance! Stand up tall and draw the bowstring back, steady now…


8 yrs and older

Mini Putt

Who knows where to hit it? Mini golf at Crossfire is perfect family entertainment. Packed with challenges and longer than most courses, our 18-hole course is fun for young and old.

Call it putt putt, mini putt or crazy golf, it’s all about fun on our challenging Wanaka mini golf course. We challenge you to hit your ball round, through and over all the obstacles without a LOL moment!

Golf Driving Range

Who can hit it furthest? Straightest? Novice golfer or regular player. Fun with friends or practice for your next round. Come swing a club for the first or umpteenth time on our 220m golf driving range.

Golf can be a bit serious. Not at Crossfire: all are welcome to come and have a hit. It’s more about fun with friends than lowering your golf handicap or correcting that persistent hook.


8 years and up