Sunrise Wildlife Safari

Your local and friendly guides recommended trip of the day is the Sunrise Wildlife Adventure Safari. Soak up the serenity of the most magical time of the day! Enjoy being out on the water away from crowds and the noise of the tour boat engines. There are special areas that we can only visit during the mornings while conditions are favourable, so if you have the opportunity to join us on this safari you are in for a treat. The weather conditions tend to be calmer and wildlife more active at this time. Some of our most memorable safaris have been at this time, so rise and shine- You will not regret it!

Crater Cruiser Safari

This trip is highly recommended by our experienced guides and a great way to see some of the most mind blowing views in the Banks Peninsula

You will gently paddle along the coastline while your guide points out places of interest and any wildlife activity that they discover. Exploring remote bays and inlets you will engage with nature and find tranquillity in sea kayaking, while getting an “up close and personal” natural Eco experience that is unique to New Zealand.